The Rookie Print Sale is now closed!


Thank you for your support, and to all the artists who donated their work: Isabella Acosta, Sunny Betz, Apoorva Bisht, Luna Rey Cano, Briana Gonzalez, Maria Ines Gul, Reuel Lara,

Alice Charlie Liu, Myles Loftin, Vatsala Manan, María Fernanda Molins, Shriya Samavai Manian, Savana Ogburn, Alyssa Osasere, Taira Rice, Valheria Rocha, Miranda Rosales, Lucia Santos, Ramisha Sattar, Erica Segovia, Vartika Sharma, Areeba Siddique, Lauren Tepfer, Alex Westfall, Anna White, Alia Wilhelm, and Allyssa Yohana. 

Thank you to Ramisha Sattar for designing our graphics.

All proceeds from this fundraiser are going to the Movement Voter Project, supporting over 400 grassroots organizations working to turn out voters in the upcoming U.S. elections.

Click here to learn more about Movement, and click here to make a plan to vote.


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Thank you!

—Tavi Gevinson & Savana Ogburn